We are a dedicated team of professionals that specialize in assisting prospective students in choosing and entering top educational institutions around the world. Since 2008, we have helped thousands of our clients choose the schools and universities that precisely align with their unique goals, abilities and aspirations.

Chelsea Education is a UK based company with its headquarters in London. The company's early years were limited exclusively to the UK, where we have full knowledge of all aspects of the local education systems. During this time, our employees personally visited every educational institution that we offered to our clients, gaining invaluable experience and establishing strong business relationships with schools and colleges throughout the country.

After several years of being completely immersed in our client’s educational needs and processes, we started to come across exciting new opportunities that began to shape the direction of our company. Requests such as transferring a child from a school in Switzerland to the UK or wanting to study at an American university after receiving a secondary school education in the UK become quite common for us. With these new requests, we had to meet the demand head on and provide the necessary support for the perfect school placements, applications for certain documents and preparation assistance for university exams.

Will all of these new opportunities, we began to acquaint ourselves with all the nuances of the educational systems in the USA, Canada and Switzerland. These new challenges gradually and confidently developed into fruitful long-term relationships with prestigious educational institutions in the world’s leading countries. Chelsea Education has been expanding its presence ever since. Our Russian office began operating in Moscow in 2010, where we have been offering our services to a focused and determined Russian audience.

So here’s our mission – we are dedicated to help your child have the best possible education experience.

With our consultancy and concierge services, we help guide both local and international families through their children’s entire academic journey. We are conscious of the responsibility that our customers trust us with and understand that the right choices – such as schools, tuition or guardianship - will greatly impact their child’s future. Being parents ourselves, we place great emphasis on each child’s individual needs, ability and wellbeing, taking in all aspects of their requirements we do our best to enhance their full potential. We are very open with our clients in terms of assessing their children’s abilities to match the varying standards of the educational institutions; this makes the whole process of choosing, preparing and entering as clear and comfortable as possible.

Once your child is placed in a school, we are able to provide an additional set of related services for both the students and their parents or representatives. Focusing on complete ease and convenience, we call this concept the “family assistant”. Our curators can provide a range of services such as arranging parental visits to your child’s school, tickets and hotel booking assistance for the school holidays, language support during studying, specific information assistance and plenty more.

We are proud of all of our achievements in the last decade and we are excited to continue with more passion and energy than ever before. The whole team at Chelsea Education really appreciates your interest and we can’t wait to start the academic journey with your family.

Welcome to Chelsea Education.

Elite education for children and adults around the world:
UK, USA, Canada and Western Europe



We are focused on long-term support of our clients and their families and treasure our trusting relationships. We are always open with our clients and help to choose the best possible training option based the child’s academic preparation, his desires and aspirations, given timeframes, and other related factors.


Despite the fact that all members of our team are acknowledged experts in educational consulting, we continue to develop professionally, expand existing offers, and introduce brand new services and in our field of activity.


Together with families we go through the entire multi-stage process of preparing children for entering schools and universities: choosing a school or university, conducting a comprehensive testing, preparing for entrance exams and interviews, supervising students after entering educational institutions.


We guarantee our clients a full information security - both the confidentiality of our professional relationships and the inaccessibility of any information related to the private and professional life of our client’s family members to any third party.


Assistance in the choosing and entering private schools is one of our most sought after services. Every day we help families to their children get into the best schools in the UK, Switzerland and North America, no matter how urgent is the deadline or however complicated are the circumstances.


We offer various packages of guardianship services for students attending boarding schools. We value our reputation and we are proud of our long-term work and friendship with families who use educational care services.

University applications

We assist in preparing and applying to the leading universities in the world, including Oxford, Cambridge and top educational institutions of the USA and Canada.


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