While redesigning our website for our 10th anniversary we wanted to make sure it was simple, easy to navigate yet also truly informative.

Our newest development that we are very excited to share are our exclusive Chelsea Education guides – ready for you to read and download, free of charge. We thought that there was no point in repeating general information such as school descriptions and exams forms that anyone can freely find on the internet, so our guides aim to do something different. Compiled solely from our extensive knowledge and experience, they provide a great starting point to gain an in depth perspective on particular topics such as navigating school types and making sure the choice is right for you.

We hope that you understand that such important decisions as finding the right school for your child only happen once or twice in a life time. With your best interests at heart, our professional advice makes sure that your child is starting their school life in the best possible education establishment for him or her. Please contact us on +44(0)2071931676 or to submit an Enquiry form to find out how to become our bespoke clients.


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