Choosing a dedicated tutor who will prepare your child for entry to educational institutions abroad is a very sensitive process, and if inaccurate, will lead to a number of unpleasant and even critical complications, the main of which are lost time and opportunities.

When working with families during our educational concierge programs, in most cases, we suggest making an initial evaluation of the student’s academic knowledge. It is conducted by one of our tutors personally in our London office, at the student’s home or via video link. Based on the results of this evaluation, we are coming out with an appropriate plan of needed actions. Usually it consists of regular remote or personal classes with a specialized teacher in a number of subjects, plus preparation for various interviews for admission to schools and universities.

Over the years of our work, we have established firm professional ties with excellent teachers, graduates of Oxford, Cambridge, and other universities in the UK and the USA. Typically, tutors specialize in one or a number of related subjects, but some of them are engaged exclusively in preparing for the entrance examinations to schools and universities.

Recently, the services of “traveling tutors” are gaining popularity. Such specialists can come to anywhere in the world to carry out classes with your child while you are on a joint vacation, as an example.

We also help finding the tutors for adult family members, usually for intensive foreign language classes. Most often it is English with a business bias, with a specialization in banking, finance, or jurisprudence.

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