University applications

Students throughout the globe dream entering the best universities of the world, and the number of foreign students trying to enroll in universities in the UK, USA and Canada is increasing annually. To many of them this dream seems unreachable and they discard the very opportunity to study in elite educational institutions, tuning in to enter middle-level universities.

A common misconception is that it is enough to have only top marks in key subjects to be admitted. In fact, choosing a university and submitting documents for admission requires a thorough knowledge of all the nuances of certain country’s educational system on the whole, as well as specific requirements of admission offices of particular universities.

For successful admission, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive step-by-step planning, which includes choosing a country, university, and faculty and, most important, a realistic comparison of selected universities’ requirements with the student’s academic statistics, his motivation and desire to reach his goals according to the plan.

One should bear in mind that in order to enter certain faculties, besides submitting the usual package of documents, you must pass specialized tests. In particular, to be admitted to medical faculties in the UK, you must pass the BMAT test. Foreign students entering US universities must pass the SAT test with rare exception, and admission to Oxford and Cambridge follows an algorithm that differs from submitting documents to other universities in the country.

We are determined in that the correct choice of a higher education institution, even more than the choice of a school, affects the future life and professional perspectives of a student. Making the right decision requires deep knowledge in the field of higher education. It involves analyzing a large number of aspects, and should preferably be done with the support of qualified specialists, whose expertise will significantly augment the level of the achieved result. In accordance with your preferences, our advisers will help you effectively select universities, submit documents, and prepare for tests and interviews. We can arrange visits to selected universities. A member of our team will accompany you and provide you with all the necessary assistance during these visits.

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