League Tables

The rating of British schools was first published in 1992. Its introduction led to intense debates between supporters and opponents of such ratings – could it serve as an objective assessment of the education quality? This rating remains a hot topic for controversy so far, however, here at Chelsea Education, we firmly believe that it is a good indicator of the level of academic preparation of a particular school’s graduates compared to graduates of other school. No matter how criticized this rating is, its indicators are commonly considered when choosing a school – one way or another.

Of course, we strongly recommend refraining from making decisions which are based solely on ratings. Picking a school surely needs a more complex approach, bearing in mind many related factors. Such ratings should definitely be taken into account when comparing several schools at the initial stage of selection.

Based on the information collected over the decade of our work, we have created our own ratings including the chart of the best secondary schools (they are divided into separate tables according to their “A-Level” and “IB” test results), the rating of the best boarding schools in the UK and the rating of secondary private schools in London. All tables are interactive; data can be sorted by type, location, exam results, and even by tuition cost.

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