School placement

One of our most required services is helping families find the best private schools for their children in the shortest possible time and under the most complex circumstances. Every day we assist young students in entering the best schools in the UK, Switzerland, and the United States.

Although each country has its own optimal age criteria for admission to corresponding educational institutions (for example, 7, 11, 13, and 16 years in the UK), you can send your child to study at any age, provided there are available places in selected schools and the entrance exams and interviews are passed successfully. Most of our clients come to us a few years before their child reach the right age, still we often deal with urgent situation, when there are only several months, or even weeks, left before the child will have to start attending the school. This includes a transfer of a child from one school to another, and we do our best to make this transition as quick and comfortable as possible.

In most cases, the first step of our work is to determine the child’s language proficiency and overall qualification level. We conduct testing in various subjects in order to compare the child’s knowledge with the average test result of local peers. If the family is being abroad, we are interviewing the future student via video link. We thoroughly consider the child’s interests and the wishes of the family, and based on the test results and the provided documents, we offer several schools from among those who have previously reviewed the child’s documents and are ready to interview and test him.

At the next stage, we apply to schools on behalf of the family and start to prepare the child for various entrance exams and interviews, providing the family with professional support throughout all stages of the admission process. At this time, we can organize visits to schools, and our staff will accompany the family members during these trips.

Once we receive proposals from schools that wish to accept the child, we will analyze them and recommend the best option, based on extensive experience and thorough knowledge of schools.

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