Short-term programs

These offers include various vacation programs for children from the age of six. These can be separate lessons of a foreign language, or in combination with sports or creative activities. Riding, swimming, golf, football, art schools or dramatic art – you name it. Throw in interesting excursions, visiting musicals and sporting events, creative evenings with peers – and such holidays will be remembered for a long time and, undoubtedly, will contribute to overcoming the language barrier.

Foreign language courses that we offer for adults are just about equal to children’s in its variety. These include intensive language courses, language programs with a certain business bias, both in a group and with a personal tutor, numerous cultural events, and many more.

In addition, we offer distinctive education programs within the family of a teacher, and various family recreation programs in conjunction with language learning. Our training programs for entry to higher grades of schools or universities abroad are highly in demand.

Our short-term programs that we carry out in the countries of Western Europe and North America have a marvelous side effect. In addition to learning the language itself, they allow you and your children to discover more about the host country, visit unique places of interest and befriend fine people all over the world.

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