Many thanks to Karina for being such a brilliant educational guardian of my son in England! Active and comfortable communication began with offering us a few schools to choose, she dealt with all the school communications, sending documents etc.

Her help and knowledge throughout the whole process were very useful and needed. How important it was that we speak the same language, I understood and received answers to all my questions.

She was always in touch with me and with my son, always aware what was happening at school. She has a sincere interest in the academic part as well as the general wellbeing of my son. When needed she was in touch with the headmaster and teachers, by phone calls or visited the school directly.

As a parent, I was always calm because if there are any problems and questions, or we just need an advice, she is always accessible and ready to help!

Huge gratitude to her for all three years of her services.

Mrs Irina M

A friend of mine recommended to get in touch with Chelsea Education. They helped to enrol my granddaughter to a superb boarding school. They are friendly and very knowledgeable – it was a great experience working with them.

Mrs Mary B,
San Francisco

We are very happy with the London school service we received from Chelsea Education. We got in touch with them approximately six months before our move to London. They advised us on a location and placed both our 8 and 15 years old boys in fantastic schools.  I will recommend them to my colleague and friends as I know some of them will be relocating here as well.

Good job, thanks!


First time I approached Chelsea Education in 2008, they have organised an informative tour on a selection of schools. Our kids were too small at that time but we were started thinking about sending them to the UK very well in advance.

During our almost 10 years relationships they have been sending our children to summers camps and helped to place our daughter to Brentwood school and our son started Haileybury school last September. We will be in touch in a few years time to register our youngest son in pest prep schools.

We are very happy with all services that Chelsea Education provided to us as well as the many priceless advises we have received during years we have known them.

With regards,

Chelsea Education helped our son that has been studying at school in Portugal to apply to British universities through UCAS. There was no support provided in his school at all, as mostly no one from there went to study in the UK, and we are so glad that we got into contact with this specialist consultancy. The process was straightforward and smooth, and our son got a place at Liverpool University!


Our friend recommended getting in touch with Chelsea Education and we are very delighted with the level of services they have provided to us during our 5 years of working with them while our daughter has been studying in two boarding schools. The first school was an international one as her level of English at that time was not sufficient enough to join a traditional boarding school straight away.

We had their guardianship service and we think that it was one of the best decisions we have made. I cannot praise it highly enough, it is a bit pricey though, but exceptional nevertheless.

Mrs B, a proud parent of a King’s College London student

This consultancy has been my daughter’s educational guardians for many years until she got a place at university. The communication with them was always top notch, they were replying to emails and phone calls almost immediately. I cannot believe how they managed to do it. I am so grateful!


The first time we used Chelsea Education was when sending our twins to Harrow and Millfildes summer camps a few years in row, and when we made a decision to send them to the UK to a boarding school, they were the first in a list of three companies we approached. We are pleased that we have chosen them. They are very professional and easy to communicate with at the same time. They helped us find tutors to prepare our children to the entrance exams and have been with us throughout the full process. Thank you!


I am very delighted with their professional service; my son was offered a place in one of the best prep schools of our choice!

Ms Eleanor T,

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